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Setting up your merchant account has never been so easy. Corduro offers you a FREE payment gateway account.  There’s no need to pay for gateway services.  All you have to do is set up your credit card merchant account through us and we’ll provide the Corduro Gateway for FREE. There’s no need for any other payment processor or gateway provider when you open a Corduro Mobile Account.

What's included?

What do I get with Corduro?

Virtual Terminal

Virtual POS

Card Vaulting (Customer information management)

Recurring Payments

Payment Plans

Fraud Protection

Development Tools

Access unique data and functionality open to developers, agencies, restaurants and more.

Let’s face it. The world of payments is complex. We are a technology company with deep experience in the payment space. We’ve helped several great SaaS companies avoid getting shut down for lack of PCI compliance and other technical challenges.

  • Electronic merchant onboarding branded for your site.

  • Developer APIs to handle all payment processing.

  • Eliminate PCI compliance headaches.

  • Global payment solutions.

  • Business to business solutions.

  • Membership and data management.

  • Enterprise IT security.

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