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Corduro Merchant Services offers a safe and secure payment gateway that gives customers incredible flexibility in their ability to make payments and purchases through the speed and convenience of their mobile devices. The world is changing — individuals want to leverage technology for a greater level of convenience, efficiency of usage and peace of mind. We’re pioneers in exploring these needs and desires, and we’re tirelessly building solutions that set new standards in how transactions take place between people, businesses and technologies. Our pioneering technology has attracted investors like Google Ventures.


Innovate with electronic payments to deliver better customer experiences

Cut Costs

Save you money by optimizing payments through an intelligent payment gateway that typically saves merchants 20% or more on processing fees compared to other providers


Enable payments on any device, anytime, anywhere so people can transact without limits

Corduro is a trademark of Corduro, Inc. and a DBA for Corduro, Inc., Corduro Processing, Inc., and Corduro Merchant Services, LLC.
Coduro™ is a certified Level 1 Service Provider.

Corduro Was Formed In 2008

We Are An Innovator Of Payments For Online, Mobile And Traditional Retail Channels

For “big box” merchants, we offer leading edge mobile commerce capabilities that augment their existing payment technologies and enable robust data collection on customer behavior that isn’t always easy to capture in brick and mortar store interactions.

For small to medium size merchants, we can serve as a turnkey payment gateway that enables all types of transactions, alleviates the complexity of PCI Compliance, optimizes the customer experience and ensures optimal security. We custom tailor our solutions to meet the needs of the merchants we serve while maintaining a strong focus on payment processing optimization and expense reduction.

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