EMV capable payment options

Make the switch to securely accept chip cards with our EMV certified solution using the VX520 terminal

  • Standalone POS terminals

  • Online

  • Secure Web Pay

  • Native applications

  • Web applications

Register Point of Sale

A customizable POS system tailored to your needs

Manage your store or process sales with a POS powered by any version of the iPad. Add a cash drawer, barcode scanner and receipt printer to stay connected and process sales anywhere you are — whether on your sales floor or at your trade show kiosk. Plus, it’s just cool.

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Virtual Terminals

A single web-based hub to process, manage and report your payments

With no extra hardware or apps required to take payments, you can run your business from your computer.

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Engage with your customers like never before

Offer rewards programs to your customers that will incentivise engagement.

Enable customers to rate their experience and track their rewards progress with each purchase!

If they become a member with you, they'll be able to receive exclusive offers and deals that you send them!

Already accept credit cards?

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