Leverage Payment Optimization In Your Store

Whether you’re just getting started or you’re already in business, but are seeking lower payment processing fees, Corduro delivers a powerful solution that augments your payment processing model. We will customize a plan for you. Send us your last two months statements to get Corduroized.

Credit Card Processing Using Any Method

It doesn’t matter what you use to process credit cards today, Corduro can meet you where you’re at and bring you payment optimization!

  • Point of Sale
  • Credit Card Terminal
  • Mobile
  • Internet Gateway
  • PC Software

eCheck Processing

Adding E-check or check conversion to your payment processing will save you time & money. With Corduro you don’t need to go to the bank anymore to process checks. We handle everything but cash.

Augment Your Retail Channel’s POS Capabilities With The Power of Mobile Transactions.

Online retailers have it easy.  They collect customer data and behavioral insight all day long with every click and every transaction.  You’re world is a bit more complex because in your world, you can’t automatically collect customer data at thePOS.  With Corduro’s mobile payment solutions, you can offer customers the ability to walk into your store, “checkin” via their mobile device and complete a transaction without standing in line or visiting a cashier.  And every detail of this event is collected so you can better profile individual shoppers and better harness the power of personalized marketing.