What are they?

E-Checks are electronic checks or traditional paper checks converted to an electronic transaction. E-Checks are processed at much lower rates than credit and debit cards, saving you significant processing expense.

Process Checks the Easy Way.

For your customers, E-Checks are a convenient payment option. They simply enter their check routing number and account number through the safe and secure Corduro Gateway.
For merchants like you, you can convert physical customer checks into expedited virtual deposits – made directly to your account – by simply entering the information from your customer’s check into the Corduro Gateway through the virtual terminal. There’s no need to fill out deposit slips or take a trip to your bank. You can also leverage E-Checks for B2B transactions. Send an invoice through Corduro or pay an invoice through Corduro in just a few clicks.

It’s Fast, Secure and Affordable.

Corduro Merchant Services has no hidden fees, no contracts, no set-up costs, no monthly minimums and competitive pricing. All you need is an internet connection. The customer’s checking information is entered into our safe and secure e-Checks virtual terminal. At the click of a button, your customer’s check is authorized and treated as an electronic payment, automatically depositing to your account. You don’t need special equipment, costly software or manual deposit slips.