B2B Solutions

Are you still old fashioned?

Do you still write checks to pay your bills? Why?

Corduro’s B2B solutions allow you to electronically pay all your vendors, suppliers, sales people, etc. No more checks, no more stamps, no more change of address, no more check reconciliation. Save time and money.

B2B Settlements Can Be a Cake Walk.

Through Corduro’s payment gateway, you can manage all of your affinity relationships and offer additional services — under your own brand banner – to B2B channel partners.

Get Smarter with Your Inventory Model.

If you’re an online retailer, carrying physical inventory in a distribution center poses financial risk unless you’ve managed to optimize the velocity of turns.  Even then, you probably can’t carry the full line of merchandise from all of your vendors.  With Corduro’s B2B solutions, you can offer an extended product catalog and leverage drop ship vendor relationships with a streamlined B2B settlement process.  Corduro can not only help you optimize consumer transactions, but we can also oversee the settlement of funds between your merchant account and your B2B vendors.

Don’t Be Afraid of Structured Commission Deals.

If you’re a merchant that would like to develop commission deals with channel partners, but you’re concerned about the complexity of execution, you’ve come to the right place.  Corduro helps merchants tap into new revenue streams by offering financial incentives to virtually any “authorized sales agent” or co-marketing partner.  We can manage the transaction and oversee commission settlement.