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Corduro’s Optimized Payment Network Allows Us To Offer Some Of The Most Competitive Rates In The Industry.

Pricing structures are complex so Corduro’s tried to simplify them as much as possible so that you know exactly what fees you’ll pay. We will customize a plan for you. Send us your last two months statements to get Corduroized.

Here are four payment plans depending on what kind of business you have. All plans make use of the Corduro Gateway so you can process any transaction (mobile, online or in-store) with any of these plans:

Non-Profit (No Monthly Fees) – this is for qualified non-profit organizations.

Mobile (No Monthly Fees) – Low or seasonal volume business. I don’t want to have to deal with any standing costs or monthly fees.

Online (Better Rates) -High volume online business. I don’t mind paying a small monthly fee if it will give me a better per item rate. These rates will also apply to any Mobile transactions.

In-Store (Best Swipe Rate) – Traditional brick or brick and click retailers that qualify for the lowest possible swipe rate. These rates apply to card present swiped transactions. Website transactions will be charged the Online rates above without an additional gateway fee since the Corduro gateway handles all types of transactions – mobile, online and in-store.

(1) Interchange, dues, assessments, brand usage fees, switch fees, as assessed by the card brands, authorization, AVS and settlement fees as assessed per transaction.