Safe and Secure Payment Processing for Online Transaction.

Corduro covers everything you need to accept online payments.  We’ve jumped through the PCI compliance hoops to simplify the process for you and to ensure maximum security for you and your customers.

End-to-End Solution

Through Corduro, you get a merchant account and payment industry expertise to help guide you through best practices and cost reduction methods.  We’ll provide access to a robust payment gateway that enables you to accept all types of payments safely, easily and cost-effectively.  We can also support recurring billing, B2B and global transactions.  Our capabilities are comprehensive and flexible so we can build the ideal solution for your unique needs.

PCI Compliance and Data Security

Corduro makes virtually all of your PCI Compliance concerns go away.  Our approach to eliminating your problems is to eliminate card data from your environment. This still gives your customers the desired experience while giving you control over the desired information.  With Corduro, the scope of PCI Compliance is significantly reduced and no credit card data is maintained on your systems.  Visit our PCI Compliance section to learn more.

Multi-Channel Capability

If you are a multi-channel retailer, Corduro can support more than just your online transactions.  We’re one of the few payment solution providers to harness the true potential of mobile commerce.  We can extend your brick-and-mortar retail store capabilities to capture valuable customer insight through mobile technology, considerably improving your visibility into cross-channel customer behavior.