What Are Mobile Payments?

As a merchant, Corduro’s mobile solution enables you to accept a payment any time, any place, anywhere on any mobile device. Your sales agents can simply swipe a customer’s payment method or accept a virtual transaction on their mobile device, sending the funds directly to your merchant account. You maintain visibility into each individual’s sales influence as well as an aggregate view of mobile transactions.
As for your customers, this means they can conveniently make a purchase or payment directly from their smartphone, tablet or laptop. They don’t have to swipe anything if they are already set up for mobile payments. They can walk into any establishment that accepts Corduro mobile payments and within a few clicks, conduct a transaction.
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Imagine the Possibilities of Mobile Transactions.

Regardless of how you do business today, Corduro can automatically enable you to accept mobile payments. In addition to customer convenience, mobile transactions deliver a merchant benefit of great magnitude: access to customer data. We’re talking about rich behavioral insight that can elevate your marketing and loyalty programs to a whole new level.
Mobile is a key differentiator for us. But we’re also experts in the payment industry and if you haven’t fully optimized your payment network, we can help. We can minimize processing fees and simplify integration across all channels, technologies and devices.