The Corduro Story

Why Corduro?

Corduro is the first payment solution provider to harness the true potential of social mobile commerce.  We’ve innovated past traditional payment solution companies to elevate the consumer experience and radically advance merchant capabilities.

There’s a reason that Google Ventures invested in us.


What if a loyal volunteer who’s passionate about your non-profit organization could take a donation on your behalf from their smart phone? The funds would flow safely and securely directly from the donor into your merchant account with accurate records of who donated AND whom the loyal volunteer was that made it all happen.

What if you could provision event staff to take payments for your event and it only took a few minutes to set up? During the event you can monitor activity by person in real time.

What would change about your sales and marketing strategy if you could turn any loyal customer into a sales person by allowing them to sell your product from their mobile phone? You can create campaigns and incentives for these loyalists to turn them into your sales army.

Corduro and Brand Ambassador Empowerment: the Game Changer.

The world has always had Brand Ambassadors, volunteers and sales agents that aren’t exactly on payroll. These ambassadors are crucial to drive product and service awareness.  These volunteers have never been easy to identify and reward… until now.  They drive sales by simple word of mouth advertising. They are passionate about their favorite charities, brands, endorse products/services and influence revenues through the power of their social network. Businesses spend millions for product placements in hopes of reaching the target consumer, now your consumers do it for you through their own social network.

Convert Word of Mouth Into Active Sales.

Imagine a world where you’re talking to your friend about your favorite book. Rather than writing it down on a napkin, or pulling out your phone to email or text the title and author as a reminder to your friend who then has to remember to visit a bookstore at a later date to make a purchase. Instead, with minimal clicks, you use your phone to prepare a cart on a major online bookstore and send your friend a “ready-to-buy” order. They only have to accept it and pay from their phone, also with minimal clicks. The book merchant gets the order, the money and possibly a newly acquired customer they’ve never reached before. And you get credit for the sale, making yourself known to the bookstore as a powerful influencer of sales and brand awareness.

At Corduro, We’re Enabling Passion.

  • We’re turning passionate people and their social networks into mobilized sales forces.
  • We’re turning phones into secure, personalized, convenient points of sale.
  • And we’re extending the methods through which merchants can capture transactions and rich customer data across all channels.