Optimized Payment Network

What Is It?

Corduro leverages unique technology that allows us to process your transactions through the lowest cost network. As a result, we can drive substantial savings for our merchants. It’s not that we’re cheaper. We’re just smarter. Simply put, we’ve done something no one else has been able to achieve within our payment network.

Who Cares?

Are you interested in saving money?

The cost of processing a transaction has become very complex in today’s world of many payment options. Reading a credit card processing statement has become so complex most people don’t bother. What rate are you really paying when someone uses a card that can be either processed as debit or credit? How about card brands? How about your other rates to process other transaction types such as reward cards, business cards, corporate cards, purchasing cards, branded gift cards, etc.

You need a computer to keep up with all the permutations. Corduro is that computer. It identifies all specific details on how a transaction may be processed and determines that best – least cost – route to save you money!

The optimized payment network typically saves 25% or more on transactions that qualify.