Your Key To Online Payments

We have focused online payment solutions for:

  1. First time users who need to begin accepting online payments
  2. Cost sensitive users who are looking to save money with online payments
  3. Complex users who have too many disparate systems to keep up with

New To Online Payments?

There are four elements to getting started:

  • Open a Merchant Account – already have a merchant account? we may be able to save you money
  • Gateway to process transactions – we will set this up when you open your merchant account
  • Payment Button – buy it now, donate now that links to a payment page
  • Shopping Cart – the gateway integrates directly with your shopping cart

Lowest Possible Rates Through Optimized Payment Processing.

The Corduro gateway safely and securely routes your transactions to the least expensive credit or debit network saving you fees no matter where the transaction originates.

Corduro Merchant Services has also created management software solutions for several industries that we provide for free to really improve your savings. Learn more.

One Place to For Everything.

The Corduro gateway unifies all payments to eliminate redundant reporting.  For example, Corduro will eliminate the need for multiple back-office logins for reporting and managing multiple payment methods, whether they are related to online, retail or mobile commerce.  With Corduro, all of these channels are managed in one place, by one provider, that aggregates the overall solution, technologies and vendors.

  • Process accounts from any provider and any method (credit cards, debit cards and bank accounts)
  • One universal mechanism for anything you need to do with payments (invoice, pay, recurring billing, refunds, reminders, commissions, etc.)
  • Simplification: there is no requirement to have lower level relationships with other providers

Key Features of Corduro Gateway:

  • You can process transactions and access reports from any internet connection.
  • It’s a very easy processing solution to learn.
  • You can perform manual transactions with your Virtual Terminal.
  • You have daily settlement reports automatically emailed to you.
  • There are no parts to break or paper to replace.
  • You’ll benefit from easy integration with your website.
  • You can access free tech support — toll-free phone and eMail.